Oven-baked Hashbrowns

December 15, 2012 at 6:30 pm Leave a comment

I love living in a college town, except for on game days. Whenever we have a home football game, this town is overrun with football fans. We usually plan ahead by grocery shopping the day before and just barricading ourselves at home all weekend, and that usually works.

However, one post-game Sunday during this past fall semester, I was fiending for some hashbrowns from Waffle House (covered, of course) and convinced BF to get up and take me. We were hugely disappointed when we got there and saw a line of hungover football fans that stretched out the door. Luckily, this Waffle House was down the street from a Trader Joe’s, so we decided to try and make our own hashbrowns at home instead.

We got a 20-oz bag of their shredded frozen hashbrowns (I guess they are considered Southern-style), some pre-diced white onion, and some shredded cheddar cheese. BF cooked them according to package directions in a skillet, but this didn’t work well – we ended up with a skillet coated in burned potato starch and a pile of warm, mushy, non-crispy potatoes. We wondered if they could be prepared in the oven instead, and after some trial and error, came up with this recipe. It takes a long time, but is very easy to put together and clean up afterwards.

Oven-Baked Hashbrowns

20 oz frozen shredded hashbrowns
Diced onion (either a whole onion or one container of the pre-diced kind, to make it even easier)
1/3 cup EVOO, plus another 1/2 tablespoon or so for greasing the pan
1/2 tsp salt
Black pepper
Shredded cheese (optional)

“Half sheet” size cookie sheet (about 1 by 2 feet) with a lip
Large mixing bowl

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
2. Pour hashbrowns into mixing bowl and break apart if necessary. Add onion, 1/3 cup olive oil, salt, and pepper (I do 16 turns of the pepper mill). Stir until well mixed and fully coated.
3. Grease the cookie sheet well with olive oil, including the sides.
4. Pour the hashbrown mixture onto the cookie sheet and spread evenly, making sure the corners have a lot in them.
5. Bake for 57 minutes. Let cool 1-2 minutes and serve (they cool down REALLY quickly)

Optional – If you want to add cheese, remove the hashbrowns after about 45 minutes, sprinkle the cheese on them, and bake for another 12-15 minutes.


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