Baguette & Burrata

June 8, 2012 at 4:36 pm Leave a comment

This is not exactly a recipe, but it is an idea for a snack or appetizer (or, in my case, a meal) that requires very little prep, but tastes amazing.

Burrata is an Italian cheese that is basically fresh mozzarella filled with cream. My mother first introduced me to it, probably after seeing it on Food Network or something, and it’s just as delicious as it sounds. It is made by taking scraps of fresh mozzarella and mixing them with cream, then forming a pouch of mozzarella and sealing the mixture inside it. You end up with a soft ball that you cut open to eat. The filling is creamy, soft, and rich, and makes a great dip/spread for bread.

I’ve only had the Trader Joe’s version, which Internet foodies tell me is not as good as the fresh variety you can get from cheesemakers. However, it is easily accessible, freakin’ delicious, and only costs about 5 bucks for two balls – whereas “real” burrata is hard to find in the US and apparently can cost up to $30, due to the cost of importing it while it’s still fresh. TJ’s burrata has a substantial mozzarella shell around the outside, and the inside has a lumpy texture (similar to ricotta) that spills out when you cut it open.

To serve it, I warm the burrata (15 minutes or so in the oven at 200 F is good, since TJ’s burrata has to stay in the refrigerator),  then place it on a bowl or plate with room for it to spill out. I slice it into quarters, then slice up the mozzarella “shell” into a few smaller pieces. (It’s soft enough that you can do this with a butter knife.)

I’ve been eating it with a demi-baguette, sliced lengthwise and then into smaller pieces; this makes it easy to dip the bread into the filling and/or use it to pick up slices of the mozzarella. So good. (FYI, if you bought a baguette a few days ago and forgot to eat it like I did, here is a pretty serviceable method of softening it.)


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