Tomato and Avocado Salsa

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When I posted my recipe for rice and beans last week, I mentioned that I was hoping to start adding fresh veggies instead of prepackaged salsa and guacamole. I made this salsa recipe up tonight to go with our giant pot of rice and beans. It’s based on a recipe from Mark Bitman’s How to Cook Everything. It turned out well as a flavorful topping for rice and beans. I probably wouldn’t use it as a dip unless I added some onion, cilantro, etc.

I’m not very good at chopping and dicing, so I looked up some tutorials before I got started. This method of seeding and chopping tomatoes worked wonderfully with the two enormous beefsteak tomatoes I was using. I rinsed the tomatoes after seeding them (to remove stubborn seeds), and then just diced them instead of slicing them. It was an easy and methodical way to chop the tomato without much waste.

I also used this tutorial for chopping an avocado, although I had less luck with this. It is nowhere near as easy as it looks – I really had to pry the two halves apart with my hands. I found that after running the knife all the way around the avocado, re-inserting it into the top and slicing down toward the pit helped. Finally, this tutorial for juicing a lime was super helpful and easy!

Tomato and Avocado Salsa

 2 large tomatoes (I used beefsteak)
– 2 cloves garlic
– 1 lime
– 1 avocado

– Knife and cutting board (I used a serrated knife for the tomatoes, and a chef’s knife on the avocado)
– Garlic press
– Bowl large enough to hold everything
– Fork

1. Dice the tomatoes, and place them in the bowl.
2. Cut the lime in half (this way, not lengthwise) and squeeze as much juice as you can out of each half, into the bowl. Take your fork and press it into the flesh of each lime half, then squeeze the rest of the juice into the bowl. Use the fork to mix the ingredients so the tomatoes are coated with lime juice.
3. Press your garlic into the bowl and mix.
4. Chop your avocado into small pieces, and add them to the bowl. Mix until everything is coated with lime juice.
5. Let stand for at least 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. (I let mine stand for probably 20 min or more, since I was waiting on the rice and beans to finish cooking.)


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